Many times; I have sat in silence and pondered-
     the way a man's right heart and left mind touched
   and ignited a fury so bright, it cried your name
       and shone into the heavens for all to see
    when the tide rose and the shores swelled with joy
      and you dipped your hand into those waters and drank,
   letting them course through your body
                                                                 and out again
         but swiftly turning your back so and back to the fields
      to sew and not to reap as was done to you, once
   in the waning hours of the day you felt that loss
   and knew seldom what it was or how it left
         thrashing upon the Porous Rocks, gasping for air
                 or washing away the spoils/ upon your cheek
      i would have followed you to the ends of the earth-
                                                     If only you had asked